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I've never posted here, but I found this to be a good opportunity. I'm making a logo for someone that is renting the house during the summer to tourists, young people, its a nice place to stay a few days and it's not far from the capital and a lot of beaches.

The house is in a town called "Azeitao", it is near a beautiful and known range of mountains called "Serra da Arrábida".

The town is also know for it's wine producers and some pastry, a lot of farms around.

Me: I have no graphic design education, I'm in engineering, but I really like doing these sort of thing.

Here is the page with my ideas and sketches from the start.

My thoughts and other people's suggestions:

-2 and 3 were the most liked from the starting 4, by myself included. I went for the Serra or a bed/bedroom as inspiration as inspiration.

-I made 5 and 7 drawing from the previous but went for a round logo, since its easier to use and makes it all come together in my eyes.

-6 I made out of comments that the letters weren't easily readable, so I tried something simpler. And it had a lot of positive feedback.

-8 is pretty much me giving up on cramming "azeitao" inside the mountain, and using the sleeker one, but Id like to keep the groovy letters since it transpires some youth and good vibes without using any specific symbolism. (yes I inspire myself from the rip curl wet suits logo). I added the house because it is about renting a house after all.

My next goal is to adjust it however, and try to bring it into illustrator, which I'm learning, so it might be a fun experience. I'll be posting this to r/AdobeIllustrator and will be posting there my progress and difficulties on this project.

Thank you for reading guys.

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