Adobe Analytics: A Sneak Peek Inside the Labs – Info UI

No matter what the industry, all brands struggle to identify their most valuable customer segments. There is a dizzying array of factors to juggle, from different age groups and demographics, to various purchase patterns and preferences. Unfortunately, much of the work around building customer segments is left to guesswork, creating challenges when it comes to properly engaging new customers and nurturing existing ones. This Analytics project takes guessing out of the equation, tapping AI to deliver much greater precision. The system will go through and crunch billions of data points that are relevant to a brand, looking at user profiles as well as known preferences and behaviors. The most valuable groups of customers will be automatically clustered and presented. An online retailer for instance, instantly has access to all the most relevant customers to engage for trying a new feature in their app, or for an upcoming promotional campaign. They may also find unexpected surprises, such as a crop of users in a particular region that converts at higher rates.

Article Prepared by Ollala Corp

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