Test on an old pc (Atom EEEpc 2go ram) with Lubuntu//Kubuntu//Ubuntu Mate – Info Linux


To follow-up my post of this morning, I have tested 3 distros with my old EEEpc (4 core, 2go Ram)

With a recent seen YouTube, Plasma seem really fast.

I have decided to install it on my computer and look for the Ram used and the feeling of it, so it's not scientific at all.

After my test, Lubuntu was the fastest and the less.RAM used, even with Firefox and LibreOffice.

Ubuntu used more ressource but was more beautiful.

Kubuntu was REALLy fast but some program totally stop my computer. In fact the Software Center destroyed the performance. BUT with Firefox and LibreOffice, it was the most beautiful and fast

In the end, I will try Xubuntu tomorrow just.to check it out 🙂

Good night

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