Infographic: Do you know your public relations ABCs? – Info PR

is not a one-size-fits-all industry; there isn’t a
handbook for success.

There are, however, guidelines.


Write clear, bold prose that captivates audiences and promotes business goals

PR pros should know when they’re annoying journalists, rather than being
thorough. Having clear-cut guidelines of what clients are expecting you to
deliver—and what you’re expecting of them—will lead to success for both

Don’t forget your writing roots. Craft clean, concise, creative prose you
would want to read.

These and more are what make a stellar PR pro tick, and this
from Three Girls Media
shares them all.

It lists:

  • Evaluation:
    Note successes and failures, and use this knowledge to benefit future
  • Goals:
    Know your ideal outcomes, so you can plan accordingly.
  • Newsworthy:
    Ask yourself why a reporters’ audience would read your piece.

See the full infographic below for more tips and best practices that will
make your efforts more effective and successful.

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