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Overcoming Obstacles as Salespeople

Our life is our own creating. And yet, many do not embrace overcoming very well. Much of life may feel like an objective truth, or an external reality that is beyond our control, but overcoming obstacles can lead to fruitful discoveries and unexpected growth, both on a personal level, and professional level. Isaac Lidsky, interviewed by John Golden, discusses a frightening and challenging experience that ultimately led to profound insights into the way that the human mind works and how to truly live life.

This expert sales interview discusses overcoming obstacles, including:

  • Using interpersonal reflection to overcome obstacles
  • The importance of self-accountability
  • Difficulties of Choice

Eyes Wide Open:

Immeasurable joy, fulfillment, and success can be acquired through self-introspection and a commitment to yourself accountable. There are many examples of remarkable people, who in the most horrific and unimaginable circumstances, transcended. They found a purpose for themselves, found meaning, found career advancements, or just found a way to be better than they ever were before. “It cannot be the circumstances we confront that determine the life we live,” said Lidsky. “Our lives are not happening to us, we create it.” But just as we have the potential for enlightenment and self-exploration, we also have the ability to make self-limiting assumptions and perpetuate our insecurities. Belief in our own fears, living by unhelpful notions of what success is, and other internal core beliefs create a projection of these psychological predications that only serve to limit us. Using self-reflection to understand these beliefs, and reframing them, allows us to be focused on things that propel us further instead of holding us back.

Self Accountability:

In every moment, we are choosing who we want to be. Two people can face exact or similar circumstances, and for one person it’s a minor setback, but for another, it is the end of the world. One person can find joy or humor in a situation, where another might find only tension and resentment. “It’s choice, at the end of the day,” said Lidsky. “Accountability is, for me, a firm commitment to this idea that I’m not going to lie to myself, and I recognize that my life is an amalgam of my choices. It’s not always easy to do, I’m not superhuman, but this is a discipline that takes effort and practice. But, it’s well worth the effort.”

Difficulties of Choice:

Many people, including those in , struggle to make choices. Proactive choice makes you responsible for something and holds you accountable for it. And, when you choose one thing, you “unchoose” many other things. It becomes a scary endeavor. Many people opt to “not choose,” but in reality, not choosing is a choice in and of itself. Living your life happenstance, living your life reactively, or forsaking the questions of what value and success look like or all choices. They are the easiest choice to make, but they are the most dangerous. In order to achieve your success and goals, a choice must continuously be made, even while overcoming obstacles. It is not an option to not choose, so you might as well try to make the choice that creates the best outcome.

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