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The great cycle of sports coverage revolves as surely and relentlessly as the spinning of the Earth. It can be hard to keep up with it all, which is why we use things like Kodi to gather it in one place. Whether you want to stream NFL on ESPN, watch the latest games in the English Premier League, or watch live streams of the UFC and boxing, you can do it all here. We’ll show you our favorite Kodi add-ons for sports and install them.

The process for installing official (or unofficial, but still requiring you to sign into your subscription account) add-ons is much the same for each of those we have listed in this article:

  • On the Kodi home screen click “Add-ons” in the pane on the left
  • On the next page click the “Package installer” icon (unpacked box) at the top-left
  • Click “Install from repository”
  • Click “Kodi add-on repository”
  • Click “Video add-ons”
  • Select the add-on you want from the list, then click “Install”

With that in mind, let’s proceed!


One of the Three Kings of sports coverage in the US, Fox Sports Go is the place to go for all the biggies, including football, MLS soccer, MLB Baseball, UFC and NBA.

It’s one of the most diverse, content-packed sports add-ons around, streaming in HD resolutions with minimal buffering. Being it’s a Fox add-on, you can expect a big library of top sports coverage to peruse, too!


With the unofficial ESPN add-on for the Kodi media center, users can authenticate with their cable provider to access premium content directly from ESPN on Kodi. Additionally, there are options to select from content that ESPN makes available on modern, proprietary media center apps (Android TV, Apple TV, etc.).

The ESPN 3 add-on is probably the biggest and most feature-rich of all the Kodi sports add-ons. Users can expect normal ESPN 3 sports streams, as well as archived content and premium sports-related content.


NBC Sports Live Extra is an add-on for Kodi that allows users to gain access to normal NBC network sports broadcasts of all kinds. This includes networks that are owned in some way by the network as a whole (such as The Golf Channel). Live channels include Golf, Racing, the Olympics, and even broadcasts of sport talk shows like NASCAR America and the like.

Unfortunately, the NBC Sports Live Extra tool does not have the ability to play archived events, nor does it support archiving material in any way. Regardless, this tool is a very good addition to any sports fan’s media center.

These add-ons are managed by communities of Kodi users and gather sports coverage from channels all over the world in one convenient place. They usually contain a broader variety of content than the official add-ons above, but be warned that not everything contained therein is legal. These sometimes pull coverage from subscription services, making it illegal for you to watch them. Furthermore, these add-ons are also prone to being taken down due to copyright infringement.

So yes, there’s plenty of good stuff here, and much of it is legal, but proceed at your own risk!

To install these add-ons, you’ll need to install the zips for the relevant repositories first. To do this:

  • Go to “Settings -> File Manager -> Add source”
  • Enter the name of the repository into the window and click “OK” to download the repo
  • From the Kodi home screen click “Add-ons” and then the Package Installer icon at the top-left
  • Select “Install from zip file,” and then select the repository you just downloaded
  • Once it’s installed, go to Package Installer, then ‘”Install from repository,” select the repository containing the add-on you want, and then select and install that add-on

Repository: http://lazykodi.com/ (ANDROIDABA Repo)


A good transatlantic selection of content makes Sportie a wide-reaching add-on. It specializes in Soccer and Rugby, though you can also catch a fair bit of NFL here too. Streams vary in quality, but look hard enough and you’ll find that perfect HD one that you need.

You can find live Premier League coverage here too, so if you’re in a country that isn’t showing the Premier League, then you can tune in here to find streams from all over the world – such as the BBC’s coverage, which you can also find on iPlayer.



Turks has a great variety of content, ranging from documentaries to – you guessed it – sports channels. Using this add-on you can find streams of popular channels like the Golf Channel, Sky Sports, NBC, and more, in qualities ranging from 480p to 1080p.

It’s nice and easy to navigate, though these days you’ll need a PIN to access it as the creator has been doubling down on security.

Repository: http://mavericktv.net/mavrepo


The sports repo of the moment, Maverick TV, has a wealth of sports streaming choices with a particular focus on football (soccer) and the NFL. Along with providing links directly to live streams, it also streams all the biggest sports channels out there, including more niche ones revolving around WWE and boxing. Streams boot up almost instantaneously, are almost never choppy, and the quality isn’t half-bad either (even though you shouldn’t use 1080p streaming on every channel).



For those looking for the be-all-end-all of Kodi sports-streaming tools, there is Sports Mix. This tool has a massive collection of sports-related streams from different countries. It’s a giant list, and there’s not really a timely way to list every single stream that users can access.

Users can watch streams from sources such as Sky Sports, ESPN, and other various sport channels, both those personally maintained by fans as well as TV broadcast streams. Those having trouble finding good sport channels to stream on Kodi will love this Sports Mix.

Cord-cutters know the struggle of watching sports. A lot of networks don’t broadcast to the that well, and when they do, it’s usually pretty complicated to get it all in one place. That’s why these Kodi sports add-ons are so great. Though they might be iffy, and the streams might not be perfect, they get the job done and allow people who don’t watch cable or network television to keep up with their favorite teams.

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