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I like : The , and I have extreme respect for stained as an art form, so this stained glass rendition of the elder dragon Nicol Bolas is something I am way into.

In a Reddit thread about the piece, poster Alexm920 explains that the piece is made with their significant other who “got into [stained glass creation] on a whim.” That significant other then appears in the thread to reveal that she “fell into stained glass by pure happenstance by walking by the studio on my way to buy pasta.” I can say, with confidence, that I have never become invested in learning a new art form while going to buy pasta.

In case you're curious, the dragon being depicted in a Planeswalker named Nicol Bolas, who is a big magical dragon hellbent on bending the Multiverse to his will. He's all about evil machinations and truly being dastardly. He also loves reading.

The artist's blog has some truly astounding work on it, and I encourage you to look through it:

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