[UPDATE] Komorebi 2.1: Animated Wallpapers for Linux! – Info Linux

This release brings the following changes to Komorebi:

  1. Komorebi brings for Web Page . Now you can set your favorite website as a wallpaper!

  2. Support for multi-monitors! (thanks, @PJayB !)

  3. Fix for icons clicking when disabled.

  4. Fix issue where video wallpapers not creating correctly in ‘Wallpaper Creator'.

  5. Removed libgtop requirement.

  6. New wallpapers!

  7. Fix issue where some icons don't show up because of missing keys.

  8. Automatically switch wallpaper to default if the current is broken.And more!

The current packaged release is for 64-bit only. Komorebi still works for 32-bit, but you'll need to build it manually.. Komorebi homepage has details on how to do that.

Homepage: https://github.com/iabem97/komorebi

Releases: https://github.com/iabem97/komorebi/releases

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