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If you watch the following series and think it's not a film you'll ever want to see, you're not alone. Think of this amalgamation of elements to be something akin to Twilight or The Hunger Games – a book series made for young adults, then a film series made for adults. This is a DC Comics universe TV show by the name of TITANS, and it follows the lives of the characters most commonly known as the Teen Titans.

The strangest part of the DC faux-empire is the company's refusal to accept that superheroes aren't realistic. Superheroes – especially DC's superheroes – are best when they're self-aware, and very aware of how absurd their situation is. As such, DC already made a PERFECT television show for the Teen Titans franchise – it's called Teen Titans GO!

But for the teenagers who are going to devour this television series up, this is perfect. These re-hashed feelings and emotions and ANGST are exactly what being a teenager is all about – in general. In the United States. Below is the trailer we're talking about here, for the DC television show coming later this year.

As long as DC has the Teen Titans to work with, they might as well use them to bring in the kids. These kids who are going to be PUMPED UP by that BIG FAT WARNING at the start of the trailer that said TV-MA. There was no other real good reason to show that in such a way and in such a size than for the kids – the kids love that stuff.

For everyone who's already been a teenager and has aged out of the program, this trailer is pretty funny. It's giggle-worthy, at least.

The funniest part of this trailer will be (or already is) the adult men who've made it their duty to place judgement on all the media they see falling outside their preferred idealized format. Things I can see them complaining about are as follows.

• Robin shouldn't swear!
• Robin's costume shouldn't look like that!
• Beast Boy doesn't look realistic!
• Star Fire doesn't look realistic!
• These special effects aren't good!
• Robin shouldn't kill people!
• Raven is too dark!
• Raven isn't dark enough!
• Teen Titans is ruined!
• Robin's Batarang isn't supposed to be the letter R!

UPDATE: I just looked at the comments on the YouTube trailer above and I swear to god every single one of the absurd things I listed above was there. They're completely serious about the whole lot. It's as if they've got nothing better to do.

For everyone who isn't a Neal, there's a movie coming out too! It's a cartoon, and it's based on the popular TV show Teen Titans GO! It's going to be super duper!

Also a good series for DC Comics Batman enthusiasts who understand the value of the Batman: Brave and the Bold. Or I suppose it's called Batman: The Brave And The Bold, or something like that. It's not on TV anymore, and it's not particularly easy to find streaming, but it's worth it – it's FUNNY.

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