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Say a webpage isn't loading right. Maybe it's collapsed from too much traffic after going viral on Reddit. Maybe it's blocked in your country thanks to a law like GDPR. Maybe it was recently deleted. Usually Google has a saved copy of that page. And the quickest way to get that saved copy is to type : in the address bar.

Just click the address bar, move your cursor all the way to the left, type cache: and hit enter. Google will load the page's cached copy, which usually looks a lot like the normal page. The trick works on Chrome, , and , as long as Google is still your default search engine. (Edge tries to load an app in the Microsoft store.)

Screenshot: Nick Douglas

At the top of the page, Google adds a link to a text-only version of the page. So Google's cache is also an easy way to make a webpage more readable.

If Google doesn't have a cached version of the page, add before the URL to get a copy from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. And if that doesn't work, then sorry, try again later.

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