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Not many tech companies achieve the status that has. In addition to being a recognized brand, the company is truly interwoven into our societal and cultural fabric. How often have you heard or said, “Just Google it.”

In the world of computing, Google Cloud is just as pervasive and extensive as its search engine; so pervasive, in fact, that it can be truly overwhelming. There are well over sixty services available on Google Cloud, and it seems like there are more coming every week. Especially if you're new to cloud computing, it can be difficult to get your head around what they all do, much less how they work. Google Cloud Essentials course is here to provide a solid foundation, so you'll have a far better grasp of what's possible with the platform and what the various services can do for you and your organization.

We'll start with a very high-level explanation of what cloud computing is in general and how it functions. Then we'll weave in Google Cloud's global infrastructure and discuss, in real world terms, what it takes to make cloud computing a reality. From there, I'll use a fictitious airport, LACA International, to describe how companies can leverage Google Cloud's various services so you can get an idea of the specific benefits. The entire course is guided by an interactive diagram that you can download and work with whenever you like!

After showing you how you can take advantage of Google Cloud's generous free trial to explore the platform on your own, or in tandem with me, we'll begin our exploration of the various divisions and services:

  • See how you can quickly get a mobile app up and running with App Engine, customize an array of Compute Engine virtual machines, or straight-forwardly spin up a Kubernetes Engine cluster.
  • Discover the inherent security and control afforded by Cloud IAM and other related identity and access management services that are used across the entire platform.
  • Learn how Google Cloud handles objects (images, videos, documents, etc.) vs. data. The platform includes a wide range of database-related services to fit a spectrum of use cases, from super-fast SQL queries to real-time streaming of non-relational data.
  • Uncover the big services that effortlessly manage big data, whether you're working in a SQL setting, Hadoop environment, or publishing thousands of messages to millions of subscribers.
  • Wondering what connects all these services? Google's global network, of course. And it's a network that you can take full advantage of with Cloud VPC, Cloud VPN, Cloud Load Balancing and more networking services.
  • Travel to the farthest edges of technology and explore the brave new world of machine learning with Cloud AI and the Cloud Machine Learning Engine. Then take that next step into the future to experience the Internet of Things with Cloud IoT Core.

By the time the course is over, you'll have a complete grasp of what Google Cloud can do, what services are available, and how you can use those services to achieve your own goals. It's a really exciting, integrated, evolving technology and I hope you'll join me in exploring it all in Google Cloud Essentials.

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