Fortnite Player Wins $86,000, Gets Supportive Dad Speech – Info Computing

streamer Reverse2k won big in last night's Summer Skirmish, a weekly tournament that Epic is running all summer, but the real prize was an emotional call from a dad.

The clip shows it all: Reverse2k is talking to his dad, who opens up the convo with an exclamation of “Eighty six fucking thousand dollars? You're gonna need a fucking tax guy!” As the cries out of joy and exhilaration, his dad asks “Are you crying?” followed by “Hey hey! I would too, brother!”

It's an emotional call where a dad is validating his son, and if that doesn't get you teary-eyed, I don't know what will.

Reverse2k reached that particular amount of prize winnings due to this week's tournament format, Hold The Throne, which rewarded players for getting the most kills in a game and then staying in that one position. Reverse2k held onto that throne for dear life, and it secured him $50,000. Combined with a 5th place ranking that netted $36,000, Reverse2k came out with a nice chunk of change.

More importantly, he's got a supportive dad who will holler about the responsibility that comes with increased income and the tax burden accompanying it.

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