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February 16, 2018

Today, I want to talk to you about a process that we've been using with our clients that is helping them close more . We're using a buyers map to help unstick opportunities that are stuck in their pipelines.

So, what is a buyers map? A buyers map is like an organizational chart on steroids. It details not only the buyers and the influencers inside the organization, but it forces you to rank them in terms of your rapport with someone, how much you trust them, and their level of influence within the buying process.

Are these the people who have the ultimate yes or no? Are they influencers from the bottom? Are they influencers from the side? How much klout do they have in the organization?

We rank people based on their influence inside the buying process, their klout in the organization, and your relationship with them to help us determine if you have strong relationships with the right people in order to influence the sale.

A buyers map is the first place I go when I'm helping a sales rep stick a stuck deal. Click To Tweet

Far too often, the reason a deal is stuck is because we're limiting our communication to a single person. If we can build out their buyers map, then we can help that seller go to different people, influencers, and decision-makers inside the account to find out what's going on and why the deal is stuck. That way, we can help get the deal moving again.

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