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Once again we've partnered up with Smart to conduct a global benchmarking research to help you improve your email marketing, marketing automation, and content marketing ROI. On May 30, we ran a webinar where we presented the key findings and top tips to improve your marketing performance. Here's a sneak peek.

Is this report for me?

This year we surveyed 585 marketers from 181 countries, across 19 industries (44% B2C, 19% B2B, and 37% both).

This makes the report a valuable resource for:

  • email marketing and automation specialists who want to learn which techniques will get them the best results, including high-opportunity areas that aren't fully used by most businesses.
  • digital marketing managers whowant to know how email and marketing automation compare to other channels. The report findings should help start in-depth discussions about the need for an integrated online marketing strategy.

A few findings from the report

1. Email remains the most effective digital marketing channel.

Times change, but one thing remains the same. Email marketing is still considered to be the most effective online marketing channel, followed by social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing.

2. 53% of marketers send the same message to everyone.

 An astounding 53% of respondents don't segment their email list and don't target different people with different messages. As disappointing as it is, it's a huge opportunity for your business.


3. 60% don't proactively test their email marketing.

If you don't measure and test your marketing performance, you can't optimize it. That's one of the most important reasons for developing a strategic approach.


4. 20% of respondents don't use automation at all.

As many as one fifth of the respondents don't use marketing automation at all. If you want to move form batch and blast towards personalization and targeting, you simply need to start using marketing automation.


5. Just a few track customer activity like browsing the website or cart abandonment.

Integrating your email marketing software with your ecommerce platform allows you to send contextual emails that prove to be extremely efficient.

6. Most respondents declare basic expertise level and only 5% call themselves experts.

webinar email marketing excellence

Well, it's no surprise that most marketers consider their email marketing expertise basic.

But don't worry – no matter your current expertise level, you can become an expert.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

1. Map out potential customer touch points

Do you know your audience's information needs? Do you send relevant marketing communication along the customer lifecycle? Map out potential customer touch points not to miss any opportunity.

2. Use marketing automation to improve communication

As simple as that! Start using marketing automation and you'll see that segmentation, personalization, testing, and optimization is not that complicated. Once you're equipped with the right tools, you can start improving your digital marketing performance.

3. A quick optimization plan

Learn how to start small and gradually move towards becoming a digital marketing expert with a quick, 4-stage plan.

Make email marketing work harder for you

Watch the webinar and discover how you can automate your email marketing and save time, get better ROI, and deliver a relevant message.

Email Marketing Excellence 2018: Top Tips and Insights

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