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Do less worrying about what might go wrong and do more of what is necessary to give yourself every advantage when it comes to the results you want.

Do less thinking about what happens if you fail and your focus to what you will learn that will allow you to succeed eventually.

Do less being concerned with what other people think and do more of being true to yourself and your purpose and meaning.

Do less procrastinating and do more of the work that moves you closer to your dreams and ambitions.

Do less allowing yourself to be distracted by entertainment, novelty, and escapism and do more focusing on the very things that are truly important.

Do less watching, listening, and giving your attention to the negative ideas and beliefs that destroy your positive mindset and do more to crowd out negativity with things that make you positive, optimistic, and empowered.

Do less watching television and more reading books. Do less consuming content and more creating it. Do less waiting and do more things proactively.

Do less wanting reality to be something other than what it is and do more being grateful for what you have—and what you are becoming.

Do less avoiding the problems and challenges you encounter and do more to dispatch tiny monsters before they grow up to be gargantuan monsters.

Give less room to your fears and make more room for your goals.

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