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I’m a musician (not a designer). I’m working on a short 16-page “magazine” in InDesign, which includes my biography, texts and pictures about some work I’ve done. Overall it’s supposed to be somewhat artsy – it’s going to be reviewed by a jury at my art university. It’s going to be printed in A4.

I kind of like the idea of having a blurry background texture for each section to give it a more unique feeling and make it look less generic. Black text on white background feels very dry.

Here’s the comparison: https://imgur.com/sWFOdwO

However, I’m really not sure about this. Without the background texture it looks extremely clean, especially when other images are added. Also, I’m afraid it’s going to look extremely bad on print (especially the gaussian blur).

Any ideas? Will it look more professional if I don’t add this kind of fancy stuff?

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