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If you like surrealism, bold colors and creativity, this post is for you! Scrolling about Behance I was completely awestruck by the work of . The colors and aesthetic of his pieces totally caught my attention. The bright colors and bold style made his work nearly pop out of the screen. After checking out his gallery for more pieces I was even more drawn to ’s interesting take on surrealism. If you are like me and like to observe artworks and ponder the subliminal meaning, these pieces will take you on a most epic journey. Featuring colorful and intriguing rooms, people without faces and several other provocations, ’s work is in a word – mind-blowing. If one of the main ideas of surrealism is to experiment with imagination, nails it to a T. It was difficult to choose only a few images to show here so be sure to check his gallery for more.

Kota Yamaji is a digital artist, designer and video director based in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated from Tama Art University in 2015 in Tokyo where he got a bachelor of graphic design degree. He uses Japanese pop culture and other Tokyo elements as inspiration for his work. And you can totally see that in his pieces. The elements of surprise and creativity are a constant part of his work. Check it out!


Fake Face

Some Graphics

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