Test your APIs easily via simple JSON steps | Java

GitHub Link : https://github.com/authorjapps/zerocode

Why is it useful?

  • It’s Open-Source and very easy to write an API tests using
  • E.g. if you have an url, method, and you know the expected result, simply you can assert keeping JSON structure as it is. e.g. { "scenarioName": "Invoke the GitHub REST api and assert the result", "steps": [ { "name": "get_user_details", "url": "/users/octocat", "operation": "GET", "request": { }, "assertions": { "status": 200, "body": { "login" : "octocat", "type" : "User" } } } ] }

What problem it solves?

  • You can chain multiple steps to create a scenario or an user journey
  • Http/Https calling is handled by the framework
  • Reports are fuzzy search and filter enabled

See examples in the README

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