GDPR at the minimum: The data security reality you should know | Advertising

As companies grow and evolve, the processes within them rarely grow and evolve to keep pace. Workarounds become abundant, managers make compromises and practices that might look shady in the public eye grow far too common. Although you might have addressed ’s rules, that doesn’t mean you are safe from compliance penalties.

Most companies already have security issues, even if their leaders think they’re safe. For example, URL structures sometimes capture and display customer information in the address bar. On websites with internal search options, users often include personal information such as ZIP codes in their searches. Those queries travel from search bar to analytics tool to content management system.

When personal information makes that journey, it usually slips past traditional privacy screenings. Even chatbots and messaging systems can create data collection issues when customers send personally identifying information, such as Social numbers, through chat interfaces.

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