USB-C to MagSafe Magnetic Adapter [Reddit Feedback Wanted] | Mac

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to to get some feedback from you all on a Mac Accessory I have just launched on (

As the title mentions it is a Magnetic Adapter for a USB-C cable, essentially turning it into the old MagSafe connector.

You may have seen a of these kind of things floating around in the past year. However, none of them were 20 PIN connectors. Meaning, they couldn’t charge at the same speed, or do data transfer/ Vid/Audio.

The one I’ve just launched IS.

Which makes it a lot more useful and actually serves a real purpose.

I’d love to get feedback from you all, if this is the sort of thing you would use? Or any other questions?

Below are some pictures and a short video of it in action.

Thanks in advance, look forward to hearing from you.

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