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You've just hung up the phone after a productive call with your prospect. But what are your next steps? Do you log the meeting notes in your CRM and move on to the next task for the day?

If that's your go-to, post-call routine, you might be missing a valuable step: sending a recap email.

A recap email after a connect, , or demo call keeps the conversation at the top of your prospect's mind and reinforces next steps in three important ways:

  1. Emails crystallize the highlights of your meeting. Even the most engaged prospects occasionally forget details — and distracted or impatient buyers will retain even less. The email reinforces key takeaways from the meeting and increases the likelihood the prospect will remember main points from the discussion.
  2. Sales email templates (like the ones below) give you the chance to confirm next steps. Referencing the specific date and time of your next meeting serves as a reminder for the prospect, motivates them to add the meeting to their calendar, and decreases the chances they'll ghost (though we've got email templates for that too).
  3. Recap messages add value. As you dive deeper into your prospect's situation, goals, and pain points, you'll get a better sense of how you can help them. Every recap message is an opportunity to provide a tip or offer a relevant resource. Not only does this demonstrate the value you can provide, it solidifies your role as a trusted advisor.

5 Recap Email Templates to Use After Your Sales Call

1. Call recap

Connect are typically used to establish a relationship with the buyer. Most are relatively brief.

In your follow-up email, reiterate the main challenge or objective you identified and some relevant advice. Attach a useful piece of content if you have one.

To deepen the rapport you built on the call, mention a commonality or talking point.



2. Touch base recap

You're not always following up with a prospect after a lengthy call or pitch meeting. It's equally important to send a follow-up email after a quick call to answer questions or see how they're progressing in the process.

Don't skimp on these emails. Offer just as much content and value as you would after a demo, and reinforce that you're always happy to answer more questions.



3. Meeting recap

Your post-discovery email should tell the buyer you're on the same page so they feel confident moving forward. Summarize the most important things you learned from the conversation: Their high-level challenges, the tactical suggestions you provided, and the mutually agreed-upon next steps.



4. Demo recap

At this point, the buyer should understand how your product will improve their life. Reemphasize this vision of a better future by quickly summarizing two to four features they'll get the most value from.

If they need to get buy-in from another member of their team, consider attaching some resources that'll strengthen their case.

Lastly, confirm any action items along with your next scheduled meeting.



5. Objection handling recap

Sometimes, you have one of those calls where you can sense your prospect getting cold feet. Maybe they're letting another colleague talk them out of your solution or perhaps they're just having an off day. It's your job to soothe their fears on the phone, and then follow up with an expertly crafted email immediately after.



A concise, well-written recap email helps the buyer keep track of the main points of your call. It also makes you look more organized, methodical, and in control, which can boost their confidence in you.

Even better, with these templates, sending one off shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

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