Is the grass really greener? A creative’s take | Advertising

Two years ago I decided to leave the agency world behind and begin a new chapter on the brand side. The decision wasn't easy, nor quickly made, but I'm glad I did it.

Starting out our careers on the agency side is what most do. It can be a truly fantastic experience. Agency life is fast-paced. You learn from top-notch creatives and gain exposure to amazing brands. The highly transferable nature of your creative skills may take you to several countries. You probably work on blue chip clients at blue-blooded agencies. You win your share of the “chrome.” You get to make an impact on the work.

Yet times are changing. The heyday of the agency world is seemingly over. We've all read the headlines, a litany of sins and reasons why the outlook appears so bleak. Declining budgets, agency mergers, splits and fiascos, the rise of social, the pace of digitalthe list is endless. To add insult to injury, you're asked to make your video vertical.

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