10 Best Collage and Mosaic Templates to Combine Pictures in Photoshop

Sometimes, a single photograph just isn't enough to tell your story. In these cases, it might help to collage or mosaic these images together into a single visual that's easy to upload and share.

You don't have to copy and paste images one at a time into a file, spending time arranging and re-arranging them to find the right mix. Instead, start with a pre-built project and just drop your images in for easy collages. In this round-up, we're going to take a look at files that make it easy to do just that: projects that help you bring together multiple images into a cohesive mosaic.

10 Best Collage and Mosaic Templates

The actions, effects, and in this round-up are all available as a part of an Envato Elements subscription. Let's take a look at ten of my favorite files that fit the bill:

1. Mood Boards Collection

Mood Boards Collection

Mood Boards are a great way to collage pieces for inspiration. Use this Photoshop project to easily join up multiple image with similar styles and feels. You can even use these to prep visual motifs for social media.

2. Mood Board Templates

Mood Board Templates

Here's a more minimalist approach to the mood board style. This project really focuses on generating mood boards that are easy to share out of Photoshop onto social media. For social media managers, this mood board template is a huge time saver.

3. Instagram Promo Templates

Instagram Promo Templates

Instagram's format has evolved over time from a place for snapshots to a de-facto marketing platform. Every company and brand devotes a significant amount of time to sharing Instagram content, and a mosaic pack like this is tailor-made to speed up the process.

4. Social Media Mood Board Templates

Social Media Mood board Templates

Here's another great choice for building mood board collages in Adobe Photoshop, complete with templates that are right-sized for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

5. Simple Collage Invitation

Simple COllage Invitation

Even if wedding bells aren't ringing for you, the Simple Collage Invitation can be the perfect Photoshop project to build an invitation with multiple images. Just add your images, set the date, and update the text for a great looking invitation you can print on most services.

6. Modern Poster Photoshop Action

Modern Poster PS Action

Switching gears a bit, this pack helps you generate a collage in the form of a graphics-packed poster. Use multiple images and color schemes to photomontage a high intensity sports poster with backing graphics.

7. Modern Graphic Poster Action

Modern Graphic Poster Action

Similar to the previous selection, this is another style to build a collaged poster with graphics surrounding your subject.

8. Mood Board Templates

Mood Board Templates

These Mood Board Templates are a totally blank slate to let your creativity run wild on. With 15 different arrangements, there's no shortage of ways you can montage your inspiring images together into thought-provoking mood boards.

9. Circle Photo Frame Templates

Circle Photo Frame Templates

Here's a different take on the collage approach with a circular arrangement. What I love about this package is there are multiple circular shapes to collage your images easily. Use a multi-layer circle for many photos, or a simple shape for fewer images. Either way, it's a breeze to join up multiple images in a circular collage.

10. Abstract Photo Collage Pro

Abstract Photo Collage Pro

For a more esoteric approach, this abstract collage package rounds out our selection of the best montages. I like this package because it steers focus to a few key images while letting the rest of the collage stand in the background.

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