‘Behind the Science’: an exclusive visit at CERN of Geneva (Ep 3) | Innovation

‘Behind the ’ brings you to discover , where thousands of scientists keep on working day and night to study the extremely small (particles) in order to understand the extremely large (universe).

This mainly happens a hundred meters below the CERN’s headquarters, inside the Large Hedron Collider (LHC), a 27 km long ring used to collide particles at the speed of light.

The world’s leading physics research centre has opened its doors in exclusively to Euronews to show us which are the different people contributing to run this giant scientific machine. They will tell us about their experiences, successes, challenges and passions.

In the third episode we meet Katy Foraz, an engineer specialized in Aeronautics, responsible for the coordination and installation schedule of the LHC machine.


1 – Stefan Lueders: Computer Security Officer

2 – Giovanna Vandoni: Project engineer in HiLumi

4 – Charlotte Warakaulle: Director for International Relations

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