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Great often share a lot of the same common traits. They are emotionally intelligent, exhibit great communication, interpersonal teamwork, critical thinking and creative problem solving skills. But in today’s business world, sales leaders also need to be tech savvy, analytical and inspirational in order to keep up with the modern buyer. Here are some of the top sales leaders that are worth following to keep up with their motivational insights.


Jeffrey Gitomer

Referred to as “The King of ,” Jeffrey Gitomer has been speaking professionally and providing sales training and consulting programs since 1988. His blog is full of amazing insights on staying current in sales today.

LinkedIn: Jeffrey Gitomer
Twitter: @gitomer

Tom Hopkins

Author of How to Master the Art of Selling Anything and his blog, Tom Hopkins has had an incredibly successful career selling and teaching sales professionals how to be more effective. He’s known around the world as The Builder of Sales Champions.

Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath is a killer sales strategist, speaker and the author of the sales books Selling to Big Companies and SNAP Selling. Follow her blog for fresh sales strategies and learn new sales techniques geared toward the volatile economy we’re dealing with today.

Gerhard Gschwandtner

Founder and CEO of Selling Power, Inc, Gerhard Gschwandtner is a worldwide sales guru who also runs the world’s best sales management magazine of the same name. He’s a great sales guy to follow if you want tips on the zen of selling.

LinkedIn: Gerhard Gschwandtner
Twitter: @gerhard20

New Titans

Jeb Blount

I like to call Jeb the modern day Zig Ziglar because he is one one of the most engaging, dynamic and gifted speakers of our era. He’s the online sales employment niche leader in market share and you can find some of his awesome podcasts and videos on his website.

Mike Weinberg

Follow Mike Weinberg’s blog to get inspirational tips from one of the most trusted and relevant sales experts in the world today. He’s definitely a big name when it comes to sellers and sales leaders.

Mark Hunter

Mark is a speaker, trainer, consultant and coach who is super enthusiastic and a lot of fun to follow. His blog will dazzle you with his experience and knowledge.

Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore is one of the most sought-after training experts in the world! Follow him to get some tips from his sales training books and experience.

Core Content and Curriculum

Tibor Shanto

Learn some smart insights on boosting sales and improving revenue goals from Tibor Shanto’s blog and online tutorials.

Lee Salz

Lee Salz is a powerful sales management strategist and best-selling author of “Hire Right, Higher Profits.”

Tony Hughes

Tony Hughes is the #1 influencer for professional selling in Asia Pacific and a fantastic keynote speaker. He offers great tips on sales strategy and enablement.

Andy Paul

Andy Paul says he’ll teach you how to EARN your buyers’ business and build a lucrative career in just 5 minutes a day. Follow his blog for some motivational advice.

Bob Apollo

If you’re interested in value selling strategies, check out everything Bob Apollo has to say. He specializes in complex B2B Sales.

Brent Adamson

Brent is a famous speaker and facilitator in the sales world with over 20 years of experience as a professional researcher, teacher and trainer. He’s known for his “productive disruption” tactics.

Matt Dixon

Matt is a best-selling author and speaker specializing in AI and the challenger sale. His books and talks are filled with sales wisdom anyone can benefit from.

Lee Bartlett

Lee is a sales leader, author and blogger on high-performance in sales. He is the go-to expert on being a champion in sales.

Women Who Lead the Way

Andrea Walz

Andrea Walz is an author, keynote presenter and top business influencer with a ton of good advice to offer on how you change the way you think and what might be holding you back in business.

Colleen Stanley

Colleen is a trailblazing sales keynote speaker, sales trainer and author. She offers valuable tips and insights for dealing with the sales world of today and making sure you are staying updated with the right info and technology.

Alice Heiman

Alice Heiman doesn’t mess around when it comes to sales strategy, networking and basically being a boss in the world of sales. Check out her blog for great tips on increasing company sales.

Lori Richardson

Lori offers awesome sales advice and strategy for the midmarket. She helps empower sales teams to figure out what they don’t already know.

Colleen Francis

Colleen Francis is President and Founder of Engage Selling Solutions and has written a number of awesome books on sales coaching and strategy. Check out her blog for some cutting edge sales tips.

Joanne Black

Joanne Black is a leading authority on referral selling. Her website is chock-full of amazing tips, articles and links to her many books on beating out your competition.

Leading Leaders

Dave Brock

Dave is an awesome sales leader and author. He has worked in sales, marketing and executive management and has a lot of amazing advice to share from the frontlines.

Bob Burg

Bob Burg is a bestselling author and sales expert as well as popular teacher. He shares some great wisdom on his experience working as a former sales professional.

Victor Antonio

A master at all things related to sales, Victor is a powerhouse sales trainer and motivation keynote speaker. Follow him for amazing motivational quotes from an outside-the-box thinker.

Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi is the President and Chief Strategist of The Bridgee Group as well as a renowned author and sales evangelist. She is full of wisdom and passionate inspiration on the world of sales.

Tiffani Bova

Tiffani has the awesome job of working at Salesforce as the Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist – need we say more about her ability to offer awesome advice on sales?

Mike Kunkle

Mike is all about transofrming sales results through proven, effective systems. He is a highly-respected sales transformation architect and totally worth following for focused advice.

Tamara Schenk

As a sales operations and sales enablement specialist, research director and author, Tamara is a great one to look to for all things sales enablement. Her blog for CSO Insights is one of the best around.

Lahat Tzvi

Lahat is one of the most sought-after sales experts, executive sales trainers and speakers in the industry. He helps organizations, salespeople and management create growth and sales leadership around the world.

Up and Comers

James Muir

Want to close a sales 95% of the time? James Muir is the who promises to teach you how, with proven methods – follow him for super valuable insider secrets.

Jennifer Gluckow

Jennifer offers seminars on sales and attitude that provide immediate results. She is CEO and Founder of Sales in a New York Minute and offers tips that can turn your business around.

Morgan Ingram

Motivational speaker Morgan Ingram is founder of his own company and social media advocate for businesses. He is amazing at offering tips to help people remove negative thoughts and unlock their sales potential.

Larry Levine

Larry is a great one to follow if you’re looking for help with driving new revenue and improving client retention. He shares a lot of awesome wisdom and advice based on his myriad of experience in the industry.

Patrick Tinney

Patrick is an author, keynote speaker, trainer and entrepreneur who will shake your world up with his smart thought leadership. Check him out for great tips on sales negotiation and more.

Tech Savvy

Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks is an international social selling expert and author. He is a pioneer is the world of digital sales transformation – check out his blog for great info.

Nancy Nardin

Nancy Nardin has been a sales technology stack expert who empowers businesses and enables their growth using here experience working in tech since the 80s! She knows it all and can throw down some crucial advice.

Miles Austin

Miles Austin helps companies grow their sales with tech and training on how to use it. Follow his smart advice on everything tech, tool and sales related on his awesome blog.

Think Like a Marketer

Matt Heinz

President of Heinz Marketing Inc, Matt is also a keynote speaker, author and radio host. His 15 years of marketing, biz dev and sales experience mean he has plenty of worthwhile things to hear.

Making it in sales takes hard work – and there are never any guarantees. But one thing that never hurts is to have wisdom and advice from the ones who have succeeded before you. This will help to maximize your ability to produce better results, gain your dream clients and know how to work with them – and maybe even become a trusted advisor yourself someday. Without the advice, you can’t explain the dissonance that your dream clients feel. You can’t help them develop a compelling case for change for a problem worth solving. Without the advice, you can’t get to the root cause of their issues, nor can you help them explore potential options for producing better results, and weigh the trade-offs.

All things equal, relationships win. And these folks are the ones who have managed to make amazing connections and are now sharing their wisdom – for free! – via Twitter and their blogs. Get on board with what they are saying so you can get the relational value that comes from connecting with others and learning what it takes to stay on track and consistently keep killing in in the sales world.

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