20 Quick-to-Use Photo Mirror Effect Photoshop Actions

Storming the web is the latest cool trend, effects. So grab your favorite Photoshop actions in this short collection below.

Create Cool Photo Mirror Effects With Photoshop Actions

Design can be as easy as pressing play with the right Photoshop action. And if you want a cool photo effect for your websites, or Instagram pictures, then try one of these simple photo mirror effect actions below.

In this selection of high-quality assets, we're bringing you another awesome round of resources from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Enjoy stylish mirror effects inspired by nature and your favorite music videos. Transform your photos and imagery with exciting looks your audience will love.

Need a more hands-on approach? Follow along with instructor Kirk Nelson to create a cool Fractal Mirror Effect in this tutorial below.

Dimension Photoshop Action

Enter a new dimension with this phenomenal Photoshop action. Choose from eight different glass patterns to customize the look of your photos. Tested on Photoshop versions CS6 and above, this action is great for any newbie to design.

Mirror Effect Bundle

Just open your photo and hit play! This mirror effect bundle splits your photos into cool mirrored results for any impressive post or feed. Perfect for glam or portrait shots, this action is great for all Instagrammers and bloggers alike. Try it today!

Kaleidoscope Effect

Or transform all your pictures with this trippy kaleidoscope effect. Easily create mandalas and cool patterns with high-resolution Photoshop templates. Just open your best photos to apply this effect for unique backgrounds and more. Give it a try!

Geometric Color Reveal Action

Combine fun design trends all into one with this wicked, geometric color reveal action. An animated GIF action created only for Photoshop, this action makes your photos spin and reveal an inspiring geometric pattern. Instantly add creativity to your timeline with this awesome effect!

Mirror Exposure – Photoshop Actions

Want an easy way to create an exposed mirror effect? Just download this clever Photoshop action from Vector Media. It automates both the processes of mirroring and photo exposures for a bold look you'll definitely love. Get five actions in one sweet bundle!

Inside Crystal Photoshop Action

Unleash the rockstar within with the Inside Crystal Photoshop action. Great for making creative photos, this action delivers photo refractive elements for one unique design. And it works really fast too—it only takes two to 15 seconds to apply the mirror effect.

Mirror Reflection Photoshop Action

In just one click, you can enjoy a quick mirrored reflection of portraits or landscapes. This Photoshop action bundle includes four effects that are fully customizable for the best results. Get unlimited options to choose from to make your social media timelines spectacular!

Animated Broken Geometric Portrait Action

It seems like everything is moving to animation. Now you can enjoy the latest fun trend with this geometric portrait action. A Photoshop tool designed to give you a broken mirror result, this action is simple and effortless. Just try out different photos from your collections to create static or animated images.

Reflection Photoshop Action

Take your sports photos to new heights with this reflection Photoshop action. Create unusual effects like mirror decay results for purely epic imagery. Customize your pictures fast with over nine color variants for toning and more. Add it to your collection!

Seizure Photoshop Action

Seize the next opportunity with inspiring, beautiful imagery. This quality Photoshop action creates a pristine broken mirror effect that's perfect for posters, ads, and banners. Save days of work by taking advantage of this three-step action for exciting effects.

Prism Effect Photoshop Action

Want to split your photos up like a prism? Then try out this next Photoshop action. Easily adjust the colors to match brand material and more for a trippy result. Create unlimited designs using organized layers that are easy to adjust. Download it today!

Frames Animation Photoshop Action

Highlight your special moments with animation! Visit the link above to check out this awesome frame animation in action! This Photoshop action creates a cool video sequence using your photos for a framed mirror effect. Start your love of motion graphics with this quick action!

Reflection Photoshop Action

Display your best photos with explosive reflections. This new Photoshop action features fully adjustable layers great for beginners to the software. It also includes all the extra graphics you'll need, like Photoshop brushes and more, to achieve this wild reflected effect.

Square Mirrors Photoshop Action

Add texture to your photos in seconds! This square Photoshop action is inspired by the game of chess. It helps you create an amazing result that splits your photos into textured chessboard squares. Tweak the look even further using your favorite tools in Adobe Photoshop.

Dimension Animated Photoshop Template

This next animated mirror effect is an organized Photoshop template ready to give your photos that gleaming, polished look. Save the result as a static JPEG image or loop the animated effect into an impressive GIF file. Just check out the quick video tutorial for more help.

Broken Photoshop Action

Break up action shots and portraits into a million little pieces! This broken mirror action creates a stunning, high-quality result that's perfect for posters and banners. A helpful video tutorial is also included along with high-resolution files.

Realistic Prism Photoshop Action

Make your reality into a neat prism effect with this bold Photoshop action. Get an amazing mirrored photo effect you can easily customize in seconds. It's super easy to install and a great way to your social media profiles and blog posts. Add it today!

Mirror Portrait Photoshop Action

Add a special touch to your photography with this amazing Photoshop action. Tested on a variety of images, this Photoshop action is easy to install and use. Just check out the link to see how well it applies to so many different subjects and color palettes. Try it out!

Mirror Effect Photoshop Action

Stand out from the crowd with a high-quality mirror effect. This Photoshop action creates brilliant, non-destructive results that are bold and compelling. It's compatible with Adobe Photoshop versions CS4 and above and is also suitable for many languages. Add it to your collection!

Reflecta Photoshop Action

The last Photoshop action in this selection features this epic Reflecta action. A pack of seven geometric reflecting shapes and fade effects, this suite is definitely impressive and pretty stylish. Create trendy photo effects that will stun your fans in very little time!

More Photoshop Actions

Stay ahead of the competition and create compelling graphics with Photoshop actions. I hope this collection has inspired you to grab a few helpful goodies to add to your creative projects.

Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

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