Sega’s ‘Space Channel 5 VR’ Landing at Taipei Game Show

Sega, the creators of the funky Virtual Reality dance game 5 are announcing that they’ll be at Taipei 2019. The exhibition is well known globally and in Taipei, Taiwan for bridging connections between digital content and the games industry.

Grounding Inc. from Tokyo, Japan will be showing Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash! VR game at the event. They’ll be demoing the dance game at Sony Interactive Entertainment booth at Hall 1 and at Grounding Inc. booth Hall 3 (A658).

The dance game is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It first started out as a console game for the Dreamcast and merged into the newest gaming trend, Virtual Reality for arcades. Fans of the previous game will enjoy that dancing and competition are still the objectives of the game and Ulala is still reporting the news!

Aliens have invaded the terminal and dancing is the only way to get these aliens to leave! Visitors of Taipei Game Show will be following Ulala’s upbeat dance moves so that these visitors from beyond will go from whence they came. Up to two players will compete against each other in this co-op dance game.

In what’s essentially a futuristic flash mob, players will juke, sidestep, go for the pose, drop down and perform other movements. Coordinating your moves with Ulala’s is the challenge, which will also gather up energy activated lasers. Aim and shoot these lasers at aliens when you get them and watch out for bigger boss aliens too.

What’s New for Space Channel 5 VR?

Fans of the console dance game will enjoy that the game’s environments are still colorful but have traded button controls for actual movements with the adaptation to VR.

I got to play the game at VRLA last year and had a blast wearing the HTC Vive and their trackers to capture my hand and foot movements as I danced.

At this event, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR will be the main hardware being used during the show’s demos. I haven’t had a chance to try the game using a console VR headset and Move controllers, but I imagine the dance moves are just the same.

Not sure how PSVR will manage to track the feet as the Vive Trackers did. This might lead to upper body movement tracking only.

“Space Channel 5 is SEGA’s legendary Dreamcast rhythm game first released in 1999 and now returns in VR. Brand new stories, characters, stages and sounds… NEW station 5 is going to be on the air soon!”

There are new additions to the game. For instance, “Identical twin sisters, Rookie reporters – Lou & Kee assigned to cover a breaking dance news story as your avatars.” And of course, Ulala will be making her virtual debut as well.

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