The Road to RHCA: The Grind, Defeat, and Triumph

Getting Over The Mountain

Obtaining, preparing and focusing on technical certifications can come with a lot of internal and external stress.  It is just not always easy. It’s just the name of the game. Some exams are viewed to be easier than others; depends on who you ask.  I say stop asking. Determine for yourself what is required for you to tame the beast or get over that mountain. You may not be able to move the whole boulder but in time and with hard work and consistent effort every step taken or attempt made,  you begin to break it down piece by piece.

Taking an exam comes with a lot of emotions; you likely constantly question yourself during the whole process.  The Red Hat exams are performance based as opposed to multiple-choice which definitely makes you question if you have what it takes and of course if you are working directly with the technology or technologies that the exam is testing, well let’s just stay you feel doubly pressured.  

It’s Ok To Be Selective

First off, be selective when sharing your study efforts or goals.  Share with those in the communities connected to the platforms that you are using to study or train such as Linux Academy or Red Hat because the people there will understand and likely will be invaluable as a source of support.  Avoid just generically sharing your efforts, because honestly, it will put more pressure on you. Now I am not saying you can’t tell a family member or a boyfriend or girlfriend or significant other. Just make sure its shared with your genuine support system.

         What I am saying is unless you and the person or persons are studying together for the exam, posting it on twitter or some other social media platform can be counter-productive.  You should have a support-system; in fact, you need one, but choose that support system wisely.

When and if you fail your Red Hat exam, it’s important to celebrate.  Life is short and every attempt you make is a step further than when you began the journey.  The RHCA may seem elusive, but it really is not. It just is not easy by any stretch of the imagination.  I have failed at attempts to pass the Red Hat exams and I likely will fail again, but the education and experience make me stronger.  It makes me a winner and it definitely makes you a champion.

Road to RHCA

Persistence Pays Off

I have friends and colleagues that have failed Red Hat exams 3,4,5 and 6 times.  Yes sometimes people reveal this information and in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with revealing it.  Your triumph is in your attempts because learning is invaluable and having to go back and practice and review can only work toward making you impenetrable.  You’re going to feel defeated when you fail an exam…it really is human nature, but don’t stay there. Celebrate the preparation and the attempt with family and friends and then get back to it.  Fail your way to success!

You are supposed to fail, hear me out.  You are supposed to fail! Failure is the stepping stone to success, you need a logical reason why?  Because failure is an experience that lends to wisdom, that ultimately makes you a stronger version of yourself.   You cannot quit. Just because you fail doesn’t make you a failure. You exercise your character every time you get up and try something, you move in the direction of something even if you don’t get the thing the first, second or third time.  It is about what you learn along the way and who you become along the way.

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