Google Search Console performance overview report now shows 90 days of data

has updated the Search performance report overview section to go from 28-days of data to 90-days of data. announced this quietly on Twitter saying “we’re changing the default time range of the Discover and Search bars to 90 full days.”

What it looks like. If you have access to Google Search Console, you may see it go from where it said 28 days of data to showing you 90-days of data in that bar chart:

Here is a screen shot of my report:

Why we should care. This is a small update to the overview report, but it is very useful. Seeing at a glance how well your site is performing both in search and Google Discover is useful. It is a report that I personally look at daily and seeing a 90-day trend over a 28-day trend is great to see at a glance.

While Google Discover can generally fluctuate a lot, Google search should be fairly consistent for non-news related sites over that period. So this report can give you a quick visualization of the changes your site is experiencing over time in Google.

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