Creative Techniques To Incorporate In Web Design

While you design a website, your primary objective should be attracting more visitors to it. You will need to make it attractive yet keep it uncluttered, full of information but keep it brief. In addition to that, there are a lot of other things that you should consider when you design a website.

With the development of technology and its extensive use in the process, you can now surely achieve just the exact results you desire. There are lots of creative and fresh techniques to use in web design to make it more responsive, useful and result-driven.

You will see that modern websites have some notable features such as:

  • Excellent colors
  • More negative spaces
  • Bigger and better images and even
  • A short video if it deals with products that need some explanations to be done.

The demand of the hour is to design mobile-friendly websites that can be used across all mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. This is a bit tough as compared to designing a standard website because as a designer you will have to be up to date with the latest trends and the newest tools to use in web designing.

This knowledge will help you to create a website that will be more relevant to your product, in accordance to the demands of the market as well as your target customers and provide a better user experience or UX which is the primary objective of any branding company.

Use of negative spaces

Modern web designing must be better and more effective if you want to make the most out of the modern virtual marketing scenario. For this, you will need to ensure a few things such as:

  • There should be more grids in your website which will make it easier for the users to navigate through the pages in it
  • There must be more negative spaces or white areas in the pages as well so that the pages look less cluttered making easier for the users to find the info they are looking for and read it clearly and
  • You must also ensure that you use relevant logos that are also clean to look at with minimalistic design just like your context and materials of the pages.

There are lots of guidelines that you must follow for proper negative spacing so that it eliminates the chances of using any fluff in the web page or in the content making it more useful and responsive

Differ from traditional methods

Give up the traditional web design process and follow the modern trends in every aspect of your web designing process including the use of colors. In the olden times in most of the time repetitive and almost the same colors were used in the web design making all the websites look just the same as the other.

  • If you want to keep up with the latest trends then make sure that you use other different colors such as blue. This color has a few significant features that make it the most popular color choice for business sites, personal sites, or even recreational sites.
  • Another important thing to consider is the theme of your website because the dark theme usually followed in the old websites is seldom found now. The mild themes used in modern websites create a better focal point and gives the site a more calming and comfortable appeal.
  • Do not make your site look more predictable as that will surely make it very boring for the reader. Instead, focus on making it more charming but makes sure that you stay away from making it too bold or loud.
  • Legibility and clarity of the web content are very important now because most websites are visited through mobile devices that have a smaller screen as compared to the desktop. In order to make your website more responsive, you will need to up the size of the images and texts used in the content. This will make these a few couples of pixels wider and taller.
  • Also, make sure that you scale your website properly so that all of the elements that you have incorporated in the content fit in perfectly in all types of screens whether the user visits it through a desktop or a mobile phone. You will get a lot of tools and software that you can use to ensure the best size and scale of your site.
  • Including moving images and videos is a new trend now to make web design more attractive to users. However, make sure that the video is brief and the images are more dynamic instead of static and in high resolution for instant and better effects. This will ensure that these elements do not use up a lot of space and make your website too ‘heavy' and take a lot of time to download.
  • Always ensure that your website looks more realistic. In order to ensure that think of using images and photos of real-life rather than those common ones that you find in the image libraries. Realistic images will attract the users as well as give your site and brand a sense of personality.
  • Instead of focusing on making your site more glamorous ensure that you follow a storytelling approach when you design it. Stories will help you to establish a better connection with your target audience very easily. This means you will be able to reach out to more audience, targeted and beyond.

All these web designing techniques will ensure that you get the same return from your website on an ordinary phone or an Android phone that has taken over the traditional Windows operating system.

Wrapping it up

With the advent of Android, there is no scope for traditional web pages. Instead, you should focus on designing better systems rather than better web pages. This will, in turn, help you to maximize the SEO benefits.

Therefore, apart from the visual layout also focus on other aspects such as easy navigation, faster downloads, and better style guides in your design systems.

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