5 Everyday Activities to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

Every educational system has its own objectives and preferences. Thus, the American educational system plays great attention to creative thinking. While the Chinese and similar systems teach their students to simply memorize the materials, American educators encourage thinking out of the box. They believe this method is more effective because a person will easily adapt to new and unexpected changes and will not grow desperate. He/she will be ready to come up with original and effective . Therefore, you should work out your creative writing skills.

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Use a Method of “Three Ifs”

There is one particular method, which greatly helps to reveal your originality. It is called “Three Ifs”. You should imagine a certain situation and ask what would happen if you do this or that. Here are three main questions:

  1. What would happen if I change something? As variants, you can choose whatever suits your situation – object, viewpoint, feelings, purpose, etc.
  2. What exactly would I change or improve about this matter if it was a perspective for 10 years? The second question is the direct continuation of the first one. The change you intend to do will have consequences in 10 years. Therefore, you should be really attentive and reasonable. It's a long-term plan and the decision you make today will affect your life in 10 years. Will you be able to use it and get benefits?
  3. What could I do if I had one million dollars for this change? It's one of the most popular questions ever. What would you do if you had one million dollars? In this case, your task is more concrete. You have to invest in the change you've opted for. Decide how to improve it.

We can bet that while you simply read these questions, you have already generated various options. It is true that answering these questions and modeling future is a great exercise for anybody's brains. This formula is effective and positively reflects on logical and critical thinking.

Don't Stop Dreaming and Keep a Journal

Another vital and useful method is to practice dreaming. It's obvious because our imagination is that main tool, which makes us think critically and seek original approaches. Therefore, never stop dreaming. In most cases, people focus on the task that they have at hand. However, it's vital to look into the future and dream about it. Thus, you can use the formula of Three Ifs, which perfectly suits this practice.

You should dream about small and big concepts. The topic isn't important. The main aim is to simply keep your brain tuned and stimulate it. that you may forget about some really brilliant ideas that occur to your head. Don't miss them and start a journal. Write down all the dreams you think may be used in the future.

Reach Cohesion

No matter what assignment you receive, it should be clear and logical. Therefore, you ought to practice cohesive thoughts. You should think about something specific. It's another test for your brain. Use your imagination and try to concentrate on something special and interesting. For example, what artificial intelligence will be in a decade? Thus, you'll stimulate your thinking and improve it. Try to practice this exercise at least an hour every 2nd day or so.

Practice Elevator Pitch Ideas

You can also use a tip, which was one of the favorites for Steve Job. He managed to elevate already existing products with the help of a method known as Elevator Pitch. It's a brief presentation of a certain concept, which lasts about 5 minutes or even less. One may call it an extended thesis statement. You should focus on your purpose and think about how to reveal it in the most impressive way. You should mention the main benefits and explain why it is correct.

This method helps to grab readers' attention. Afterward, they will be willing to read the rest of your paper. It should be used in the introductory section before a thesis statement. Try to express some brilliant idea in a few words. Practice this method and write elevator pitches every day on various topics.

Interact with Other People

Use ideas of other people as well. More clever heads help to generate more ideas compared to making solo decisions. Of course, you will have to write your essays on your own. Nevertheless, why should you refuse some help from other people? Listen to what clever folk says and interpret their ideas. Adapt to your writing purposes and use them. This method helps to widen your knowledge and improve creative writing skills. Therefore, bounce ideas off others.

Consider these 5 methods and practice them every day. Try to find some time to work them out at least a bit and they will surely help you to compose original papers. Besides, we recommend looking for some other sources to be armed with more knowledge. Thus, you may even find for kids to teach them creative thinking since childhood.

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