How to become an android developer step by step guide

There are 3 billion mobile devices in the world.2 billion devices are , and 1 billion are IOS and others. Many people want to become an android developer, but they don’t get the proper guide how can he become? that’s why he wastes a lot of time in this field. Trust me After reading this you will not need to read any article or seeking the video. Read every line properly, and start your android career.

Android is a worldwide famous OS for mobile A lot of Apps are already developed in android but even now there is a lot of need many other apps in this field. Your time and career is the most important thing in the world. How to choose the right career and path that depends on you. Here I will explain if you become an android developer how you can start.


There are many languages available to develop the android apps some examples are
There are two famous languages that are used to develop the android apps first is Java and Second is Kotlin.
what Java is best or kotlin?


Java is worldwide famous and also is an old language. Mostly developers or I can say 60 to 70% developers used Java to develop the android apps. Applications that are in the play store mostly are developed in Java.
Here is an important note
“Google announced that Kotlin is an official language for android development “
If you are beginner then you will be shocked to hear that most peoples do not use the kotlin to developed the apps
Read this: why mostly peoples not used kotlin Java is easy and if you will work with java you will get a lot of help in any topic about android on the Internet Java, having been developed in 1991 Sun Microsystems and his team that why Java is the top language in the world and you can create any type of Android app easily without any help (i mean to say that if you create an application without the team ) a lot of help available on internet related to java.


The second famous language that is used to develop an android app that is Kotlin and as i already mention Google has announced that Kotlin is the official language for android. Many people have used this language to develop android apps but if you want go with Kotlin you will not fond a lot of help. Here one question comes in mind
Why will I not get a lot of help???
The answer of this question is simple kotline is developed by JetBrains in February 2016. it has not a lot of community but peoples are move from it. but it is powerful language than Java and she IMO is less code more work. In the eyes of the Senior developer in the future Kotlin is become the first popular language than java.


if you take my opinion I will recommend you if you are fresher than first work in java that is simple and also a lot of help is available on the internet and it has a lot of community after java only can move anywhere in Kotlin or flutter. The only change in these languages is syntax.

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