How to Market a Brand on Instagram

Instagram is the magic spell for brands who want to gain exposure, following, and loyal customers. This platform boasts over 1 billion monthly users, and many of them are brands.

Plus, the people using Instagram are the ideal customers, soaking up images of loveable products. They use social media for reference. Once a brand makes a name for themselves, the passive shoppers will turn into confident customers.

So, let’s take a look at how to do that.

Set Up a Business Account

A personal account can’t be used to promote business on Instagram. Usually, pictures that go on the personal profile aren’t relevant to the customers, only cluttering their feeds.

Besides, registering a business account comes with a host of benefits, such as analytics that can boost sales.

Include a Website Link

There’s only one valid opportunity on Instagram to lead customers to the website – the bio. So, take advantage of this and place the link right under the name and description. It’s clickable and straightforward, and with a hook, it’s super useful.

Build a Follower Base

The most important step towards a successful business campaign on Instagram is the audience. There are several ways for the brand to advertise their account. According to Follovery, a business can start growing their account immediately by using services to gain more likes.

Then, a company needs to determine which hashtags are popular in the industry. These are most often those used by the influencers of the niche.

Speaking of influencers, they are another option for engaging an account with a large following. Building a quality relationship with an influential profile results in shout outs and followers.

Share High-Quality Photos and Videos

Videos and photos make up the two portions of the marketing mix on this social network. Research shows that videos yield twice the engagement rate in comparison to that of images.

Of course, both photos and videos need to be bright, engaging, and fun. Make people want to tag their friends and share the content. Another useful strategy is lifestyle photography, which shows users how exactly the product has a part in their everyday lives.

Be Active

As Instagram more mainstream, people are getting used to likes. So, to draw attention, an account needs to comment on the images by other users. Make the comments genuine and personalized, though.

Besides, take full advantage of Insta stories! They remind the follower base of the account’s existence and keep them visiting.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is becoming a more and more significant player in the world of marketing. It’s excellent that brands are taking notice, as this form of marketing feels much more organic and pleasant than straight-up ads.

Use these tips to make the sales bloom in the future and build customer loyalty.

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