3 Types of Content on Instagram to Grow Your Followers Quickly

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms because it allows you to take full advantage of the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. The beauty of Instagram is the expressiveness the platform allows. Whether you are in a creative field or not, using Instagram to express yourself in a business sense is a smart move.

Furthermore, there are plenty of content options you can use on Instagram to engage with your followers and your following quickly. The bigger your following, the better it is for your business. That’s why content matters, and if you post different kinds of content, you’re guaranteed to build your free Instagram followers count quickly.

The beauty of Instagram is the platform allows for your creativity to come through. There are several different ways to have user generated content go viral on the platform. The key is to target your audience accordingly and find the content they are interested in. There are a few ways to do this. First, do your research on hashtags and select them accordingly. Second, you need to post consistently. Posting once a day at the same time each day allows your followers to have their feeds not get cluttered and for your keen eye to come through. Varying content is a smart thing to do as well. Fortunately, there are a few different of Instagram content helping you grow your following quickly and with the right types of followers as well.

Promotions and Contests

One of the great rules of life is that people love free stuff, and a smart business understands that the cost of giving something away is usually covered ten-fold by the money that comes in return. There are several ways that you can run promotions and contests. A great way is through sharing the post. Put up a post where people are required to share the post in order to be put in a random draw. People are going to share these posts because it’s ridiculously easy to do. There’s low cost on the side of the person doing the sharing – it’s easy to throw a share in order to possibly win something like a free shirt if you are in the t-shirt business.

Here’s where the viral nature of Instagram works – because one person shares your promotion on their feed, their followers see the share. They look on your page and see everything you have and decide to follow you. Other ways you can promote yourself through contests and promotions is by essentially soliciting followers. You can post something where the first X number of new followers will get a free Y or entered into a contest. Again, the entry cost is really low on these things.

Other things regarding promotions is that they don’t need to be giveaways. Promo codes are really valuable because they help you see where your business is coming from and you can tailor your outreach efforts to these new people, so they’re further engaged with your Instagram account.

Instagram Videos

The thing about the videos is that there is a much larger engagement with videos than with photos. In fact, when people are on Instagram, they are much more likely to click on the videos. There are many things videos can do which photos can’t. The biggest thing is videos give a face, voice, and persona to what you are showcasing. They allow people to form connections with a product or service in a way a photo is unable to do. Personality and charm come through in a video.

Videos are also quite shareable because the person viewing it does not have to think about it. They react instantly. If you share a heartwarming video, it is easy to form the rhetorical bonds via pathos with it. This will attract followers as well. The truth is a video must connect in some way. Funny videos are great at building these connections, but also the heartwarming video will do the same thing. Connections are key because that is what causes people to follow you and take an interest in what you are doing. As you build up your followers, it’s critical to put out this content with some regularity. For example, you should do a story about four times per week. That is just enough to keep people interested enough to share your work while at the same time fresh enough to attract new followers to see your other creations.

Influencer-Featured Posts

When you are looking to juice your follower count you need to turn to the people who have followers to help. Influencers are a great resource because they already have a big follower count and they have the ability to throw more followers your way. In your business, the goal is controlling costs and investing wisely. Posts that feature influencers are good investments because if the influencer sends over a large number of followers, at the very least, a fraction of those followers will engage with you and do business with your company.

That said, the other thing you want from the influencers is for them to hawk your stuff. Going back to the t-shirt business, if the influencer is wearing your gear, this is a great thing. Especially if the influencer is making content on their own Instagram page that is featuring your stuff. This is a massive win. The good news is that influencers have no problem extending their reach to you. Their goal is always to expand their brand, and if they are bringing people to your page, naturally this helps them do what they do. So, make sure you are spending time with influencers and engaging with them. You may have to pay a nominal fee for their help along with providing them your products or services, but in the end, the followers they bring you does translate to your business being that much more in the black, and that is why the influencer featured posts are good ideas.

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