Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Lead Generating Machine 6 Strategies

Your LinkedIn profile could be so much more. SEO expert Neil Patel says it’s possible to generate 200 targeted LinkedIn leads per week, starting this week — and he’s not wrong. He’s done it himself.

Can you do the same? The answer, of course, depends on how hard you’re willing to work for it. Assuming you’re willing to give it your all, 200 targeted LinkedIn leads is absolutely within your reach. Maybe you can do even better.

The following strategies aren’t all you’ll need to know to turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generating machine. They’ll move you in the right direction, though. Let’s dive in.

1. Target Regular, High-Value Users

LinkedIn’s most active users also happen to be its highest-value: senior-level managers, executives, and principals. These are the decision-makers whose buy-in you’ll need to close the deal, anyway. Why not target them from the beginning?

2. Optimize Your Value Proposition

The LinkedIn profile for Kris Duggan, a serial entrepreneur and investor, has a killer tagline: “1% Better Every Day.”

That’s no abstraction: it’s Duggan’s value proposition, the thing (among many others) he’s known for. “1% Better Every Day” previews Duggan’s utility, telling his LinkedIn contacts exactly what they can expect from working with him (while making it clear why they should want to do so in the first place).

Your value proposition is out there, too. All that’s needed is to find the language to express it.

3. Cut Out the Weasel Words

Your LinkedIn copy is too wordy. Trim it down by cutting out the extra adjectives, qualifiers, and conditionals. Your product is the selling , not your prose.

4. Link Out to Your Corporate Website 

LinkedIn can be a powerful lead generation machine, but it’s not where deals are closed. Make it easy for interested prospects to take the next step and become paying customers by linking out to your corporate website or product- landing page.

5. Create Topic – How TODepartment-Specific LinkedIn Pages

Create a distinct, branded LinkedIn page for each line of business. If “line of business” isn’t the best way to describe your solution diversity, call it “topic domains” or “departments” — the label isn’t important. What is important is quickly funnelling prospects to the most relevant service portfolios, and then closing the deal.

6. Start Your Own LinkedIn Group

A solutions-oriented LinkedIn Group augments, but doesn’t replace, your topic-driven pages. Think of your Group as a social hub, a place where prospects and customers gather for support and guidance.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Lots of people claim to be LinkedIn marketing experts. Many back up these claims with effective personal and corporate pages that really do generate leads and cultivate engagement. They’re the ones you should look to as you build out your own LinkedIn marketing operation.

Then again, it’s important to be realistic about your work here. Merely implementing these strategies — doing the right thing, so to speak — provides no guarantee of immediate success. Your first pass at a lean, mean lead generation machine probably won’t survive its first month. And that’s okay. If at first you don’t succeed, tweak, tweak, and tweak some more.

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