Graphic Designer Income: How to Make More Money

Working as a graphic designer can be tough due to all the competition. You have numerous bids on projects that are available on freelancer websites. Multiple clients apply for the same position in a company. So the situation gets pretty rough.

However, your career as a graphic designer should not be all gloom and doom. The demand for designers is high, and if you strive to improve, you can make a living without worrying too much.

There are plenty of methods on how to increase income. Here are some excellent suggestions to get you started.

Method #1 – Create a Passive Source of Income

Create a passive source of income and turn a venture into a side hustle that requires a few hours every week or so for maintenance.

You will need to put a lot of work at first to establish the project and reach a point where it is almost self-sustainable. One of the examples could be print on demand via Printify. You get a store that sells custom-made merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, key chains, calendars, and phone cases. And people will spend money on products that have fantastic art and design.

There is also an option to join an already established print on demand store and work as a freelance designer. You will have to create designs and not bother with other matters, like marketing.

Method #2 – Automate Time-Consuming Processes

Automate Time-Consuming Processes
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Whether you are self-employed or work in a company, some processes require time. And that time could be put to more productive tasks.

Invoicing, various paperwork, backing up files, researching, looking for new clients. Look for applications or consider hiring a virtual assistant who can take care of more trivial matters. Freeing up more time for yourself will increase productivity and gives you extra room to grow the business.

Method #3 – Optimize Your Portfolio

A portfolio of a graphic designer is like a business card. It would be best if you had an optimized portfolio so that when a client asks for your credentials, you have something to show. Make a simple personal page and showcase your best work there.

Method #4 – Increase Rates

Increase Rates
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Increasing rates may seem like a scary and risky proposition, but if the clients appreciate your work,  there is room for negotiating for bigger pay.

Every professional needs to understand his or her worth, and when you raise your prices, you will repel clients who like to low-ball and waste the time of everyone involved. Instead, you can expect offers from wealthier individuals or even big-budget companies.

Method #5 – Consider Creating Online Courses

There is a high demand for online courses these days. The internet has given access to everyone who has a connection, and platforms like Udemy or Skillshare are getting more users every day. Even universities offer classes online.

You can make money and get a sense of fulfillment by knowing that others appreciate your knowledge of graphic design. Creating courses will also help you refresh your memory on some material about graphic design.

Method #6 – Try Streaming Your Work

Platforms like Mixer and Twitch TV are excellent for those who are looking to make money and interact with a live audience at the same time.

While Twitch TV started as a streaming site for video games, you can find variety channels as well. Cooking, music, and talk shows receive plenty of viewers. Things will be slow, but if you are persistent, you will be able to grow an audience.

The money comes from subscriptions and donations. And when you establish a significant base of followers and bring in consistent viewer numbers, you can expect to get offers for promoting various brands.

Method #7 – Take on Freelance Projects

You can find freelance gigs on websites like Fiverr and UpWork. However, if you are going to rely on freelancing work, expect slow development. There are more designers than job offers, and building a profile and reputation will be hard.

You will need to persuade potential employees. Focus more on getting positive reviews rather than aiming for gigs that pay the highest amount of money. Positive feedback will help in the long run because you will have recommendations from other people on the platform, and future employees will trust you more.

Method #8 – Plan for the Future

Plan for the Future
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If you are committed to the career of a graphic designer and do not see yourself doing anything else, plan for the future. Whether it is getting a degree in university to solidify your skills, or even attending a business school with the intent to create your own agency for graphic design. The more you spend on perfecting your craft, the better off you will be in the long run.

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