5 Ways To Look Up An IP Address

The Internet does not identify any device by the name you have entered; instead, it uses an IP address to identify any device requesting internet access. Every computer, mobile, tablet, and server, along with hundreds of other types of devices that are connected to a network has a specific IP Address.

Now the first question that will pop into your mind is, what is an IP Address?  

The Internet protocol, also called the IP, is a unique identity given to a network. Your network provider provides the IP address to a network, commonly called the internet service provider or ISP. An IP address is formed of two parts, the first part is generally used to find the system you are working in, and the second part is used to find the node or the host. All nodes on a network usually share the same network prefixes but will have a unique host number.

The term “Lookup to an IP address” generally means to track the user’s location to the pinpoint using their IP address and their related domains. However, it is not possible to pinpoint geolocation as many other factors are involved, like the authenticity of the network, IP address is registered or not, and so on. The positioning of the server can also disrupt the precession of the lookup. Only the ISP will have this access to geolocate your device pinpoint. But without any legal documents from authorities, it’s not possible to do so.

The primary difference between IP tracking and IP lookup is just this. Both being very similar, IP tracking mainly concerns the location finding, but IP lookup also means to find its related domains. For further information on IP Addresses, you can refer to IPRouterLogin as they have some amazing guides for the same! I will, in my further note, explain the various other methods you can use to lookup an IP address.

Best five ways to perform an IP Address Lookup

Using different websites 

This technique can be called the easiest of all methods. There are hundreds of websites that are ready to give you the geolocation of that specific IP address.

Using the Internet to lookup an IP address is a hassle-free and safe way to perform an IP Address Lookup.

Use of terminal commands

The terminal command called “WHOIS” is used to look up to the ip address; it is a very prominent tool. It has a very long history of usage. When you use this command, the server will look into the database and give you the exact information. The terminal command Nmap is also a popular lookup tool; this tool uses NSE scripts and queries the regional internet registrar.

Using received mails

It is an advantageous method to track the IP address of the sender who has sent you an email. Using Gmail, it’s straightforward. Especially when spammers send you their messages, you can easily track their location.

  1. Open your mail and go to the inbox.
  2. Right-click on the mail, and you will find an option called “show original code,” feel free to click the option.
  3. You will see the source code of the message, now scroll down till you find the information “received from”
  4. If multiple IP addresses are popping up, click the last one, and copy it.
  5. Now use the links provided in the 1st method to geolocate the spammer.

This method has helped me personally to block those spammers. It is an effective way to track all the fake and spam people who try to cheat people. Digital messaging platforms such as Wattsapp and Facebook are the most vulnerable places where digital frauds take home the most.

Using the command prompt in the Windows OS

There is a high chance of getting tracked while searching for your IP address online. There is also a possibility of getting your IP address wrong if you use various websites. Using the command prompt in your windows will render the safest and the most authentic search results. Enter the keyword “ipconfig,” you will find a text which pops up your IP address. Use the above links given in method 1 to find the location. Using various softwares such as Linux kali, you will have an option to see the IP address of the network you are connected to, such as public Wi-Fi, etc. Another way to find the systems IP address is to find it in the properties menu in the network section of the computer.

By creating a blog

This method can be when we do not know the IP address of the person. It uses a masked text link to extract an IP address.

  1. Open your browser and search for www.whatstheirip.com. Once you enter the site, you have to enter your email address (preferably Gmail).
  2. You will have received a mail, copy that mail and send it to the target email. If you think the email you send is disordered, you can use bit.ly and create an organized-link.
  3. When the target clicks the mail sent by you, you will then receive an email containing the IP address of that person.
  4. Now copy the IP address and use the 1st method mentioned to look up the IP.
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