7 Tips On Call Center Customer Experience Improvement

Call centers must deliver the best customer experience from jump, or else risk dealing with an unsatisfied customer, and getting negative press.

Whether you rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to use helpful customer information to get ahead of your competitors, it's still important to make improvements to continue getting this helpful information.

Here are 7 for call centers to improve customer experiences:

Be Responsive

“It's important to be quick to respond in call centers,” says Charlotte Crampton, a business writer at Australia 2 write and Writemyx, “because customers want speedy answers to their inquiries; and the call center is the first point of contact for them.”

Fortunately, with improved global omnichannel routing and implementing self-service for the simple use cases, wait times are no longer a tedious part of communicating with call centers; and, it saves both parties from feeling the frustration from inexperienced communication.

Be User-Friendly

Customers appreciate a user-friendly experience, or else they'll get frustrated by unusable technology and go somewhere else. First, make sure that your call scripts are up-to-date, and that your self-service technologies (i.e. IVR or AI driven chat bots) are working and easy to use at launch, to better serve your customers.

Resolve Issues Quickly

Customers appreciate it when issues are resolved quickly, so that they don't have to wait for things to get solved. Therefore, by investing in unified agent desktop and tight integrations with various applications, they provide call center agents the toolset to help solve customer problems immediately. With an effective omnichannel solution, agents can transfer customers from their current channel of interaction to the right channel.

Be Proactive

Customers want to be notified on any issues that are impending, meaning that they would rather hear the bad news ahead in time and plan for it, rather than be there for the stressful aftermath. By allowing customers to get notifications across multiple channels, it will help them be more prepared for any impending issues; and it can prevent bad experiences from growing into worse ones.

Personalize User Experiences

“With personalization now the norm in today's world, call centers should not be an exception to this,” says Madison Brady, a marketer at Brit student and Next coursework. “By personalizing call center experiences, customers will greatly appreciate a more human interaction from companies.”

Here are a couple of ways that you can improve personalized user experiences:

  • Configure IVR for the product or service that customers have bought or referenced in the previous transactions.
  • Invest in analytics across channels to know which channels are preferred by customers.
  • Create a tight CRM integration to funnel all pertinent customer information to the right agent in a timely manner.

Be Empathetic And Capable

In call centers, customer experiences should be more than just be about technology. In fact, it's important for customers to be heard, and have the right people working on the task at hand.

Therefore, you must hire and train agents to provide excellent services. And, you should determine which agents will be right for all kinds of audiences by utilizing skill matches for agents selected, so that the best experiences are provided.

Be Open To Feedback

Calls for doesn't just come from your team – they also come from the customers themselves. And that's a good thing, because customers are able to see what's working and what's not working, in their perspective. In fact, your most loyal customers will appreciate it, if you allow them to give your company their opinion and feedback.

You can even take the time to call and write to your brand ambassadors, and get their thoughts on what can improve in customer experience. And, you can send customers short surveys, and get plenty of feedback that way.


Since customer experience is crucial for call centers, it's important to provide the most excellent and enhanced service that ensures engagement and immersion. And since contact centers are powerhouses that deliver exceptional experience across the entire customer journey, you must be able to take them on that journey – from awareness, to interest to purchase, to service and advocacy.

As you follow these 7 tips on improving call center customer experience, you can enhance every step of that customer journey, and allow customers to better interact you're your brand.

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