How Powerful Color Scheme can Increase your Website’s Traffic?

When brands want to persuade the audience, they target their emotions. No amount of words or creative images can do what colors can do. So, using accurate colors in your Website Design is the best way to create a positive user experience and increase the traffic.

The psychology of colors often comes under discussion. Many marketing individuals think that people perceive colors differently.

For instance, many prefer yellow over red. Colors do impact people but they influence them differently.

Blue seems suitable only for a large corporation but when a clothing brand uses it to sell baby clothes, it can work just fine to attract the audience.

However, it sounds better to pay extra attention when designing a website as colors define mood and influence on the people’s responses. That is why business owners and entrepreneurs learning more and more about the color scheme.

This way, they can increase lead generation which ultimately impacts the sales too. Take note that if good color can sell then the right color makes you sell in a better manner.

So, here’s how you can increase traffic on your website with a power-pack color scheme.

The Power of White

No doubt, white color has been ignored by brand owners or website designers drastically. Moreover, color theorists think white can’t add value to all websites. But, using white space copiously can become one of the powerful features of the website. If you use white in a well-designed website, it can draw plenty of attention as it promotes the sense of freedom and breathability. That is why the world’s most famous websites like Google preferred white in abundance and generated traffic beyond anyone’s imagination.

Add Value & Luxury with Black

There’s nothing better than adding a hint of deep and dark colors including black to make your website look appealing. No doubt, people love shopping from high-end brands. So, to generate traffic on your expensive brand’s website, you can go for black. Take note that keeping the tone of your website darker is the ultimate way to add luxury in it. Moreover, the dark shades are associated with sophistication and elegance which is necessary to boost your upscale e-commerce website.

Use Blue to Develop Trust

Most people are drawn to the color blue in general. That is why it becomes the most-used colors in tech brands and social media channels. The shades of blue denote loyalty, trust and peace. On the other hand, the research community also confirms the psychological effects of the color that it ensures trustworthiness and sends a subtle message. Therefore, if you use the color blue, it will benefit your landing pages and overall website.

Primary Bright Colors for Call to Action

Do you want visitors to take certain actions on your website? Strict testing environments have shown that using bright primary and secondary colors like red, green, yellow and orange determines the highest conversion. On the other hand, deep and dark colors such as brown, purple or dark gray, etc lead to lower conversion rates. Most companies that promote women’s health use bright mauve shade to encourage them to action.

Final Thoughts

Generating traffic on your website shouldn’t be left as a later activity. You need to pay attention to the color scheme of your website when you begin designing. This way, you can go through the type of audience you want to target and the colors that will make the process handy.

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