Google Ignores Capitalization In HTML

When you hand type HTML code, which I do in all these blog posts – yes, I am using something really old school but I like the control – Onlyinfotech. The most common typo I have is doing an a href tag but the A I capitalization because I need to press shift to trigger a

I always hate the way it looks to write a capital A in the href tag but I am always in a and I know it works either way, so I leave it.

But does it give Google any issues? The answer is no, Google expects these typos and since it works in a browser, it works for Google Search.

John Mueller of Google was asked about this on Twitter (see what I did there?) and he said “IMO capitalization in HTML attribute names is ignored (eg in XHTML they’re often completely in caps).” He did add that it makes sense to do it lowercase and be consistent but hey.

Here is John’s tweet:

I can probably do a quick find and replace on this syntax and fix all my uppercase As in the a hrefs…

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