5 Apps That You Should Close During Online Classes

Distance learning has become a reality due to the easy accessibility to the internet. Not to mention the advancement in communication technologies. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is greatly responsible for the increase in online learning. Educational institutions have shifted operations online and started offering online classes so that the learning of students does not suffer during the quarantine. Today, many institutes are creating online portals to conduct classes, receive assignments, and organize quizzes, etc. They are also using collaborative tools such as Skype, Zoom, and Slack to further reduce the gap in communication between students and teachers.

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It is very important to keep things smooth online. That to a great extent has been easy with reliable internet services and affordable deals like Spectrum deals. Other than this, it is advisable to have a dedicated place in the house to study. Furthermore, you must close all applications that can affect the quality of the online class.

Learn more about the various applications that you should close while attending an online class for a smoother learning experience.


If you happen to be playing a game before joining an online class on Microsoft Teams or Zoom, it is advisable to close it. This is because it can keep running in the background and slow down your computer’s processing ability. As a result, your online class experience may suffer due to slow buffering or frame skipping issues. Remember that a computer’s processor keeps dedicating computing power to active applications. And games consist of pretty heavy files. That’s why you must fully exit a game to lessen the burden on your computer processor. Apart from this, such applications also tend to use a lot of RAM. And, to have a smooth online class, you must free up the space on it.

Graphics Software

Graphics software is quite a heavy file and takes up a lot of computing power. Take the example of the Adobe Suite. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are popular image editing applications. They take up a lot of space in the computer after installation. Not only that, but they also require a lot of RAM space to function smoothly. Often, graphic artists work on high-res graphic assets. Therefore, if you were working on such software before joining an online class, make sure to close it properly.

This is because the app will continue using the power from the processor and can potentially affect the video quality of an online class. Note that if you’re rendering a 3D video or model in the background, it’s going to take up a lot of the RAM space. It will slow down the other operations of the computer. Therefore, make sure not to render a graphical project close to your online class.

Unused Applications

Unused applications keep running in the background and eat up a computer’s processing power without a reason. You may have MS Paint or the VLC video player running in the background even though you may not be using them. Note that these apps, even though their size is small, will continue to put unnecessary load on a computer’s CPU. It is, therefore, wise to close these apps. If you do not require them, it is recommended to uninstall them from the computer. This will allow you to have a smooth online class session.

Outdated Applications

Outdated applications are potential hotspots for spyware, malware, and ransomware. Companies release updates of applications to increase their strength against potential cyberattacks and scams. Apps that you haven’t updated recently can easily act as gateways for cyber attackers. They can conveniently gain access to your computer files and install harmful software.

Viruses and malicious software can greatly affect the performance of your computer. It is wise to close or delete outdated apps while you are connected to the internet to attend an online class or just to casually browse the web. At the same time, it is recommended to install antivirus software to keep you protected. Run scans every now and then to find such risks and eliminate them timely.

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Browsers often continue to run in the background and take up RAM space without a reason. At times, you may be downloading an application or video files with the help of your browser. However, if such an activity is occurring while you’re Idealshare Videogo License Name And Code Free attending an online class, there are sufficient chances that your call may drop or lag severely. This is because the computer dedicates a large amount of network data to the file being downloaded. It is a priority activity and will affect the quality of your call.

Therefore, it is advisable not to download an application or video file if your online class is about to begin. Later, when the class is over, you can easily download such a file. Furthermore, you should also refrain from buffering videos on YouTube in the background. This will also affect the quality of the video of the online class.


These are some of the applications that have the potential to affect the quality of your online class session. Make sure to close them to have a trouble-free experience. Not only will you be able to focus properly, but you will also be able to have fun while learning.

Make sure to interact with the teachers and your fellow students without a distraction from the apps mentioned above. Once the class is over, you may resume your online browsing or downloading activities. Feel free to Netflix or start playing your favorite MOBA game!

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