8 simple ways to protect personal data and delete yourself from internet

At this point, the idea of browsing without the risk of running into scams or malware sounds like a dream. Even wanting to see fewer ads when you're online may seem like too much to ask for. That's because maintaining privacy on the is more challenging than ever before.

If you're sick and tired of platforms and companies snooping through your personal , it's time to take action. Clearing personal information is the best defense you have. You may lose access to a few popular websites and services, but at least you can rest easy knowing your info isn't being used for shady purposes.

If you're ready to go off the internet grid, we'll start with Facebook. Tap or click to find out how Facebook is using your personal data. Here are a few ways to wipe yourself from this enormous tech company — along with some helpful strategies for protecting yourself on other sites.

1. Leaving the biggest social site of all

Of all the data-hungry websites out there, Facebook is probably the worst. Not only is the company notoriously loose with its privacy policy, but it's also been implicated in several high-profile data scandals like the Cambridge Analytica breach.

Last year, a third-party app took users' information straight from their Facebook profiles. What apps have access to your data? To find out how to check what apps have access to your Facebook profile, tap or click here.

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