Google testing new featured snippet layouts

has recently been testing new formats, layouts and interfaces for its snippet slot in the search results. Generally, Google shows a single source for a featured snippet but since 2018 Google has occasionally shown multifaceted featured snippets for some queries.

Many featured snippets. Google is testing showing many featured snippets, more than one, more than two – but up to four different featured snippets.

Google Featured Snippets

Google will show a single site or source for a featured snippet. But when Google begins to show two or more sources in the featured snippet position – the “position zero” location – that can change how valuable that position is for site owners and SEOs.

These interface tests are worth keeping an eye on because the featured snippet position is one that is generally sought after to achieve by most SEOs and site owners. Changing the design, showing more than one featured snippet, can all impact your click through rate on that position and ultimately your traffic and conversions driven from Google Search.

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