Google Photos for Chromebooks Will Get Video Editing Features

Google is already well known for its impressive A.I. capabilities, gathering together peoples, pets, and places and editing them on the fly for you. Later this year, it will pick up a new feature—. The only catch is that it's only coming to Chromebooks. At least for now.

Google Photos already does an admirable job of turning photos into fun slideshows and creating fun highlight clips from existing videos. But that's all automated and you don't have much (if any) control over how it works. Now Google says it will add a video editor to Photos that will give you that control.

video editing features to Chromebook

You can go a simple route by selecting a theme and then the people or pets you want pulled into the video, much like Google's existing highlight clips. Or you can start from scratch and create a video from the ground up, similar to traditional video editors. The editor will let you ” trim video clips, or edit them to adjust the brightness, contrast, and more.” You can even take advantage of Google's “Real Tone” filters.

But the big catch is that this will be a Chromebook-only feature for now. Google hasn't said if or when the video editor will come to Google Photos on Android or iOS, but typically a feature found on one platform makes its way to the others.

The Google Photos Video editor will arrive “over the next few months.

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