How to activate the Apple Watch Low Power Mode

Imagine you are wearing your during a morning jog. Then, the batteries flash a low-battery warning message, but you are still halfway through your routine!

That is when the Apple Watch low power mode would come in handy. It helps the battery hold out longer until you return home to your charger. More importantly, this setting lets your fitness trackers continue.

This article will discuss how to activate the Apple Watch Low Power Mode. Also, we will elaborate on its functions and available models.

Switching on the Apple Watch Low Power Mode

Start by touching and holding your finger at the bottom of your watch's screen. Next, wait for Control Center to appear, then swipe up.

Tap the battery percentage button, then switch on Low Power Mode. Alternatively, you could activate the function in the Settings menu. 

Open the Settings, scroll down, then tap the Battery option. Afterward, switch on Low Power Mode. Either method shows an information screen, letting you adjust the mode.

Scroll down to choose either the Turn On or Turn on For option. The former keeps the Apple Watch Low Power Mode active until you turn it off.

The latter lets you pick whether the setting will remain active for one day, two days, or three. Moreover, various indicators will remind you that this mode is active.

You will see a yellow circle icon on top of the screen. Moreover, the charging animation, the time in Nightstand mode, and the battery percentage button in Control Center will also turn yellow.

As mentioned above, this feature lets the Workout app continue working. Open the Settings app, tap Workout, then switch on Low Power Mode.

It would continue to track the following vitals:

  • Heart rate
  • Heart warnings such as irregular rhythm
  • Blood oxygen

Remember that this function turns off various features to prolong the battery life. In other words, it would keep you from using these.

Limits of Low Power Mode

This is an Apple product.The setting will delay receiving phone calls and notifications. Also, the background app refresh occurs less frequently, and Siri will take more time to process requests. 

You may notice a lag in some animations and scrolling movements. For example, let us say you opened an app that requires an internet connection.

It will still consume a significant chunk of your battery life if you do not have your iPhone nearby. More importantly, the Apple Watch Low Power Mode only works with models running watchOS 9:

  • Apple Watch Ultra
  • Series 8
  • SE (2nd-gen)
  • Series 7
  • Series 6
  • SE (1st-gen)
  • Series 5
  • Series 4

You cannot use this feature if you have the Series 3, 2, 1, and the original Apple watch. They do not receive the latest watchOS updates.


You can save battery life in other ways besides the Apple Watch Low Power Mode. For example, you could bring a portable power bank outdoors. 

You could take a break during your morning job, then plug in your Apple Watch. Even better, you could buy one at a low price at the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale.

Alternatively, you could replace your old timepiece with the Apple Watch Ultra, which can last for 36 hours on a single charge. It can last for 60 hours under Low Power Mode.

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