Google Fixes Favicon Display Bug In Google Search

Since mid-September, there was a bug where some favicons were not showing up in Google at all, as we reported a week or so ago. Well, Google has now fixed that bug and favicons, when done per Google's specifications, will show up in Google Search now.

John Mueller of Google confirmed it is now fixed, in which Glenn Gabe double confirmed on his end he is seeing this resolved as well. John Mueller said yesterday “This should be resolved in the meantime – Techdouble-check?” Glenn Gabe replied “YES, it is resolved. Thank you! I can confirm that based on checking a number of sites that were impacted. Great to see the issue resolved…”

Here are those tweets:

Glenn Gabe even shared before and after shots:

So if your favicon is still not displaying, make sure to review Google's documentation on that topic.

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