Meta offers up to $200,000 in ad credits for shopping campaigns

One media buyer said they've received $50,000 in ad credits for their clients on a new iteration of 's “Reach and Frequency” , something it's calling “Moment Maker,” which launched sometime around its IAB NewFronts presentation in May. “Reach and Frequency” campaigns are supposed to give control to the marketer, according to Meta. Brands buy ads at a fixed rate, versus based on auction rates, and they get predictability over how often ads are shown, when they are shown, and to which audiences.

“With ‘Moment Maker,' the goal is to get the max reach out of your budget, against a given target over a three-day period. ‘Reach and Frequency' campaigns work the same way but the flight can be longer than three days,” the media buyer said.

“Moment Maker,” the Meta spokesperson wrote, is “a buying strategy that groups all Meta's video solutions in one easy buy: In Stream, Reels, Stories, and a comprehensive measurement plan.”

Meta has also been making a “huge push” for advertisers to invest in its shopping ads on Instagram, a second media agency executive said. Meta improved its Shop ads this year to make it easier for users to make purchases directly in the app, which is not only convenient for shoppers but it benefits Meta in a post-iOS privacy changes world because the company can better collect and track their data when they stay within the app.

The second media agency executive said they received $200,000 in ad credits on Meta's Shop ads for a brand they declined to name but said spends “millions” across Facebook and Instagram.

“Shops is a genius product,” the media agency executive said, noting how it's helped Meta recover the signal loss from the Apple privacy changes. “People are buying directly in the app. You're seeing who's going to these pages. It's Meta taking back control over the customer journey.”

Meta's reps also understand what type of brands will do well with which products, and offer ad credits accordingly, the media agency executive said, adding that Shop ads naturally work better with “consumption” products including apparel and food.

The first media buyer said the $40,000 to $50,000 in ad credits that Meta has more often been offering is in line, or slightly higher, with what other platforms such as short-form video app rival TikTok will offer, but anything over $100,000 is “meaningfully higher.”

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