5 Steps to Become a Better Writer: Helpful Tips

If you want to be a better writer, you need to be determined and committed in doing whatever it takes that would help you better your writing skills. It would take a lot of work and practice. Being a good writer does not come overnight, much more when you want to be a better writer. You need to have lots of writing experiences, so you could hone your writing skills and learn from your experiences. A good writer’s teacher is also his personal experiences.

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5 helpful tips to become a better writer

Step 1:

Have a passion in writing. Everyone gets good, better, and eventually best in whatever endeavor one chooses if he is but passionate about it. You should not write just because you needed to, but because you loved to. If you do not love writing, then learn to like it first. Forcing yourself to do something you do not like would not give you good outputs.

When you force yourself t write, it will radiate into your writing, your readers will feel and notice it, and most probably, you will not be successful on being an effective and good writer.

Step 2:

Study and learn the knowledge and skills a good writer should possess and do your best to personally attain those knowledge and skills. You should have a good command of the language you will use in writing. If you are writing using the English language, study and master its grammar, sentence and paragraph composition, parts of speech, vocabulary, etc.

Step 3:

Learn some simple writing styles and then apply in into your writing. Browse the internet, do some researches. There are tons of tips on the internet on how to attain and hone writing skills and be a good writer. And they are mostly for free! Take note of them, remember them then apply them into your writing.

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Step 4:

Learn from the good writers. Read and study their stories or write-ups. Find out what writing styles they use, how they compose their sentences and paragraphs. You may also want to check out the words they use, check how they enrich their piece with appropriate vocabulary words. Take a close look at their diction, or their choice of words as well.

Find out if they use other writing gems to improve their writing. Do they use Figures of Speech like metaphors? Similes? Personification? Hyperbole? How do they use them? You may adopt their style just for a guide, then later on if you have already mastered it, you could create your own writing style that is unique and ideal.

Step 5:

You should be persistent and determined. Your stories or write-ups may not come out as you expected, but never give up. If you give up too early, too soon, then that’s the end of your progress. You will never reach your goal of being a good writer. Continue on writing. It does not come in a wink of an eye. Be patient.

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