How to send waze location from PC to Phone

While Waze is owned by Google, for some reason it’s always felt like it was a little behind Google Maps in terms of some features. One of those features is the ability to send your navigation details from your computer to your phone, something that Google Maps actually allows.

Send location directions by Waze

However, not too long ago, Waze actually enabled the feature. This is very convenient because if you’re using your computer to browse locations and plan a trip, you don’t want to have to repeat that process on your phone all over again. By those details from your computer to your phone, it will save you some time.

Sending Waze directions from PC to Phone

  1. Go to Waze’s web interface and at the top right corner, click Log In
  2. Make sure you have the Waze app on your smartphone
  3. Launch the camera app on your phone and scan the QR code on Waze’s website
  4. Tap the prompt and confirm you’re trying to login and you should now be logged into Waze’s website
  5. On Waze’s website, click Live Map
  6. Type the location that you’re heading to
  7. Click Directions
  8. Choose the time you want to leave, then click Save to app
  9. You should get a notification on your phone
  10. Tap the notification and it will open up Waze on your phone with the location saved and ready to begin navigation

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