How to share screen to Single and multiple participants in Zoom Meeting

sharing is an important part of Zoom conference calls. In many situations, it’s crucial to be able to show exactly what you’re talking about. If you’re organizing the meeting, you’ll need to allow participants to share their screens in Zoom.

Sharing your screen is great for literally showing what’s on your screen, but it also needs to be enabled for Zoom’s Whiteboard feature. We’ll show you how to share screen to single and multiple participants in zoom meeting.

How to share screen single participants in zoom

To allow participants to share their screens, you’ll need to create and start the meeting first. This is not something you can choose beforehand.

Next, if you’re using the Windows, Mac, or Linux client, click the “Security” button, then check the “Share ” option.

On iPhone, iPad, and Android, you’ll need to select the three-dot menu button.

Then tap “Security.”

And now, you can toggle on “Share Screen.”

That’s all there is to it! Everyone in the Zoom video meeting can now share their screens.

Share screen to multiple participants in Zoom

Allowing multiple people in a Zoom meeting to share their screens is a simple thing to do as well. Again, you’ll need to be in charge of a video meeting in progress, and you must be using the Windows, Mac, or Linux client.

Select the little arrow beside the green “Share Screen” button.

From the pop-up menu, select “Multiple Participants Can Share Simultaneously.”

It’s as easy as that. Now more than one person can share their screen or use the Whiteboard at a time. Zoom can feel a little overwhelming with all of its features, but things like this can really improve your meetings.

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